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Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning (RP-FP)

The Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning (RP-FP) component deals with issues related to sexual and reproductive health, including fertility and family planning concerns. It primarily aims to help couples to realize their desired timing, spacing, and number of children in accordance with their socioeconomic, emotional and psychological capacity.

Specific Objectives

1.    Reduce the unmet need of 2.2 million women by 2016

2.    Attain desired total fertility rate of couples at 2.4-2.96

3.    Increase Contraceptive Prevalence Rate from 50.7% to 63%

4.    Reduce family planning unmet need from 22% to 11%

5.    Reduce Maternal Mortality Rate from 162 to 52.2 deaths per 100,000 live births

Role of POPCOM

1.    Identify the medium and long term quantifiable estimates to reduce unmet need for modern FP

2.    As a lead technical resource for FP advocacy particularly for LGU officials and LGU capacity for demand generation

3.    Take the lead in designing and conducting demand-generation activities based on the communication plan for LGUs

4.    Shall launch advocacy and IEC campaigns on FP with emphasis on interpersonal communication to families through mechanisms like the Community Health Teams

5.    Provide technical and operations support in the monitoring and reporting of progress in reducing unmet need for modern FP



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Population Clock

Base from the 2015 CENSUS of Population: 100,981,437

Basis: 2015 PGR of 1.72

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