It was an exciting and fulfilling the year that was for POPCOM VIII as we did our best in meeting our targets and goals set. We have come across difficult tasks that demanded more of what we have and even beyond our capacities, but we managed to outdo ourselves and provided the best results.

Our partners in the field have done more than their share in accomplishing all that were needed to be accomplished for the year. Our figures of 103% accomplishment can attest to that. And we are always happy to be of service and in providing assistance.

However, serving would be an encumbrance without public support. Thus, our agency has long recognized the people’s role in believing and adopting in our advocacies that family planning really makes a big difference in their lives – that well planned families lead to empowered communities – and that given with right opportunities, they can soar higher and make their lives better.

We have been pushing for the concept of of how to harvest fast the demographic dividend. The key is always reduce fertility rates and increase contraceptive rates. So there! The goal is thus set!

2018 was also full of change and progress. We welcomed new employees and rehabilitated the regional office which now sits bright and new. We likewise built more partnerships and linkages through our various programs such as the Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning and Adolescent Health Development. These are forged with partners and stakeholders and envisioned for more lasting and positive impact for our region.

POPCOM-VIII will continually help couples achieve their desired spacing, timing, and number of children according to their socioeconomic, emotional, psychological capacity by reducing unmet need for family planning and promoting responsible parenthood.

Strengthened by the implementation of the RPRH Law, POPCOM-8 will continue to make available and accessible information and services covering all family planning methods. We will never get tired of championing the well-being of everyone in the region.

As the pages turn to another year, we set high hopes for what lay ahead. We are ready for the challenges and achievements in 2019.