Ormoc City On July 29-30 and September 13-14, 2021, an activity gathered Barangay Population Volunteers for a re-orientation of the Philippine Population Development Program (PPDP) as well as retooling workshop on Population and Development Services. The BPV’s were encouraged to intensify the implementation of population and family planning programs to achieve zero unmet need and accelerate implementation of population management strategies to facilitate and complement other socioeconomic interventions for reaching demographic dividend. The participants were likewise given the information on their expanded roles and functions and they were also assigned to carry out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities relative to the integration of the population development principles and in providing access to services and facilities. Brgy. Population Volunteers were also instructed to establish and maintain an updated data bank for operations, development planning, and an educational program to ensure people’s participation in and understanding of population development.